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August 1, 2023



For those who laugh for those who cry,

Is there a point in asking why?
What makes you weak what makes you whole?
Do answers give closure at all? 
Go down the path that leads to pain, 
Or follow one with painful gain?
And how to separate the two?
To know something is but to do.
The strings attached to things held dear 
Are sometimes tangled and unclear 
If answers somehow came divine 
Would this experience still be mine?
It’s easy trying to find a way
Where things just flow and there’s no pain
It’s harder actually getting there
A great alluring fairytale 
The hell that we ourselves create 
Is nothing but a mental state
How easily one writes this down
But those who know, know what they found
When looking deep within themselves
In hope that life will make some sense  
Remember who you really are 
And leave this body bruised and scarred 
Under the surface can be sweet
Until the oxygen depletes
Lost in the beauty of the sea
Can sometimes take you way too deep 
The more I learn the less I know
Just need to find a way to float

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July 13, 2023



There are three ways to do nothing:

  1. To be in a depressive state of apathy

  2. Engaging in addictive behaviors while consciously or subconsciously seeking numbness and escape from reality (Which is actually doing something, destroying your future).

  3. To be still and observe the physical universe around you by using all 5 senses, noticing your emotions and allowing them to run through you like water through a pipe.


Doing nothing actually enables you to have a clear mindset in order to set healthy and accurate goals for the future. It is in this state that perhaps “boredom” can occur.

This is a good thing! Boredom is the stage before huge bursts of creativity. Now after the boredom-creativity cycle, the secret is to not allow yourself to get so caught up in the creative state that you reach a point of fearing or avoiding boredom as this will lead to a vicious cycle of actually getting nowhere in the long run. The ideal is: Boredom-creativity-repeat.

Many have spoken during the eons about meditation. What is meditation? It is being still. And for someone that is not familiar with the process it can be quite a “boring” experience at first. But it is meant to be that! A reset , a glance from a higher perspective while shutting down all the excess noise that we are so accustomed to, to the point that we don’t even notice it. The only way to make good music is to have rests between notes. Space is what creates abundance. A cup must first be emptied before it is filled again. There are certain universal laws that govern our reality and this is a big one!

Now you don’t need to practice Buddhism in order to meditate, all meditation is really is paying attention to your current state and being in the now as much as possible. No matter how much resistance you find, how boring it is, or how much it hurts.

Sometimes we subconsciously avoid the now because of this pain and then suddenly find ourselves living a life that appears meaningless and repetitive. While life is anything but that!

When the great Greek philosopher Heraclitus sat by a brook with his feet immersed he noticed that not one same water particle touched his feet at any point. This is where he came up with the famous quote “everything flows” or “the only constant thing is change”. So how can we, as modern humans feel that sometimes life keeps repeating itself?

Paying attention to the mundane, the “boring”, the things that we have taken for granted with the false perception that they will always be there in that exact same form can show anyone how this is a misconception and a trick of an overly busy mind looking to escape from a seemingly “dangerous” reality.

Choose to have a little bit of pain and uncomfortable feelings in your every day mental diet and see how your experience in this life suddenly becomes way more meaningful.

June 10, 2023


There is a holy space between God and the devil. Two sides of the same coin, only valuable with both sides intact. We spend our years fighting one and trying to move towards the other. In the garden of Eden, there was a snake, and in the desert there is always an oasis. Duality is such a narrow minded way to see the world. How about infinity!

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